Inspiration .

Young Talent .

By Isabel dos Santos .

4 tips for beginning your career

The conclusion of university education is always a moment of great joy and pride for young people. But doubt settles quickly: now, what will I do with my life? I share with all these young people a little guide to help them in this turning point.


One valuable lesson that I’ve learned in life is that we should always follow our passion. After all only our passions drive us forward and give us energy for a day’s work. We should not feel discouraged when we are told that our dreams lead us nowhere. Passion combined with hard work is a powerful mix, whatever our area of expertise is. We must always have as motivation the desire to make a difference. When we are driven by this force, that is greater than any financial gain.

2. Knowledge

Knowledge and readiness are key in our professional life. It is crucial to study and obtain expertise and skills because they are highly valued in the labor market. Even with our degree, the will to learn has to follow us throughout a lifetime. It is very important to invest in training that updates our knowledge throughout our career, or even in new areas of expertise. The world is constantly evolving, and a good professional cannot skip this journey.

3. Plan

Where do I want to be in three, five or seven years’ time? We should always work out a plan for our professional careers. We set out our goals and stick to this plan over time. It often happens that we may be surprised by life itself, but even in these moments of uncertainty, it helps a lot to have a plan. We can always return to what we want for ourselves, who we want to be and where we want to be. Maintaining focus is essential to reaching a goal in life.

4. Identity

With our goals set in place, driven by passion and fueled by knowledge, opportunities always arise. And on this journey, there is something we should never forget: our identity. It is our identity that makes us unique and special, genuine and truthful. That’s where our strength comes from. In a world full of prejudices, whether of race, gender or social condition, our identity is the weapon to face it all. We will only be strong and free if we can be ourselves.