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By Isabel dos Santos .

5 books for young entrepreneurs

A book is something that inspires and builds us. The right book can change our path and be transformational in our lives. A future manager and entrepreneur can and should seek to deepen his knowledge and insight in the world of literature.

Fortunately, we have at our fingertips an endless library of good books. In the area of Management, Innovation and Entrepreneurship, I have come across several books throughout my life that made me reflect on my strategy and added more value to my career.

A good book makes us question on an emotional and personal level. And we should never stop questioning ourselves. We are beings in constant change and movement. We are driven by the unstoppable energy of our daily lives and the speed of modern times. So, first of all, we need to complement the professional side with the personal side and my advice here would be: it is good to take refuge in books that make us stop, look at ourselves and think.

Secondly, and as a manager and an entrepreneur, I could not fail to recommend: build your personal library. Look for authors who may be examples to follow, who share their experiences, their successes and failures. Look for the different strategies and study the possibilities for your path. For every size of manager and company, there is a book to suit you. For any doubts, there are answers waiting to be read. There are unexplored chapters that help you create business ideas, do SWOT analysis, get to know the business and competitive world, define financing strategies, for example.

Beyond the fundamental theoretical and practical skills, it is essential to take into account the skills inherent to any manager: how to conduct a negotiation, make good decisions, manage time effectively, set priorities, manage teams …

In short, choose strategically and think strategically. In the end, one day, you too can tell your story. Maybe your name on the cover of a book will inspire other young entrepreneurs to take the first step.

Here are some books that I find relevant in the area of Management, Innovation and Entrepreneurship, especially suitable for young people who think about starting their business:

1. “Gestão Estratégica. Conceitos e Prática”, various authors (Lidel)

2. “The Effective Executive” F.Drucker

3. “Getting to Yes: Negotiating Agreement Without Giving in”. By Roger Fisher, Bruce Patton e William Ury

4. “Zero to One. Notes on Startups or How to Build the Future. Peter Thiel e Blake Masters

5. “Empreende a Tua Aventura. Um livro para gestores com iniciativa”, de Joan Riera e Tomás Soler