Inspiration .

Starting your Business .

By Isabel dos Santos .

5 steps to starting a business

To create a business is to generate value and, with that, to build a better world. Each time we set up a well-structured project that generates positive results we are moving the world one step further along, and all our lives with it. I believe that Africa will be the next great stage of business development. It could not be any other way.

I hope that by sharing my experience I can, in some way, help you along your own path.

1. Plan

The first step is beyond any business or personal and professional relationship. It starts within ourselves. Start by having a plan. We need to have certain purposes and goals. The willing to creat becomes the plan, and the plan becomes reality.

2. Project

A business starts with an idea. I is essential to study the market and project the idea in its context. Anticipating its viability makes us look at the market, to know its needs, to identify opportunities that were not seen before, to perceive the competition, to predict the evolution. This implies knowing what supply already exists in the market and what space they may occupy as well as mastering the strengths and weaknesses of the business. Always ask yourself, “What are my competitors? Who is my audience? How do I position myself and differentiate myself in this environment? What will I bring again? What public needs will I complete?”
Business must always have the dimension of dream and aspiration, but it requires a deep awareness of the market and its rules. As entrepreneurs, never underestimate the thorough study of your market and all its rules.

3. Prepare

Preparation will be the differentiating element of the business. It is through the business plan that the entrepreneur is prepared to face the necessary investment, recognizes the level of investment, the type of financing to be used, the risks associated with his business and, above all, the return and financial performance he will have have.

Any entrepreneur must have prior thinking ability. Setting long-term goals and operational programs is essential for us to have the business model that will allow us to always know where to go.

4. Partnership

Partnership is one of the keys to a successful business. The entrepreneur must believe in the advantages of a partnership and always choose the best partner for his business. Trust and mutual respect at the foundation of this relationship, coupled with the professional humility and dedication of all the people involved in the business, will dictate your success.

5. Persist

Even when difficulties and hurdles seem to dictate the daily routine and give way to demotivation, do not give up. Remember where you started and what moved you at first. Commitment, resilience and dedication are the energy sources of all entrepreneurs. They will find obstacles, but never underestimate the unequaled strength of our land, the unique spirit of our people.