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Challenges of the Future .

By Isabel dos Santos .

Africa's window to the world

As an African woman, it was a great pleasure to be back in Cape Verde and see its evolution. In the context of the Conference “Cape Verde: Challenges of the Future”, promoted by the Portuguese National News  Agency Lusa on October 11, 2019, in Praia, Cape Verde, I shared my vision as an African businesswoman for the future of Cape Verde and Africa.

With the right investment and an environment conducive to economic growth, Cape Verde’s landscape has changed a lot within 10 years. There are now new restaurants, new hotels, new services and trade where none existed. This positive change is proof of confidence in Cape Verde’s future and its development.

This was exactly the theme of the Conference which brought together in an auditorium, members of the Government of Cape Verde, members of Embassies, entrepreneurs, businessmen, managers, journalists, students and teachers. The future. We all gathered for the future. I believe it is important to have a plan and a vision for the future. It is crucial that this vision is clear, with inclusive plans for 10 to 15 year, involving both the private sector and the different institutions.

Africa is growing

In Africa, we are facing a demographic growth that makes us the continent with more young people. This is a challenge, but it is also an opportunity. On the one hand, the human potential we have is immense, on the other, we must invest and create opportunities for these young people to develop and secure the sustainable future of our continent.

Cape Verde is Africa’s window to the world

Cape Verde has all the conditions to be an academic place where young Africans can develop their education and create new talent. For example, we, Unitel T +, have been present in Cape Verde for several years and I can say today that we have Cape Verdean talents that are valid anywhere in the world. We have already invested over 100 million dollars in this country, and today, among direct and indirect workers, we have over 3000 Cape Verdeans.

I believe that today, geographically, Cape Verde is already the window of the world to Africa and that, undoubtedly, with a strategic plan, it can become Africa’s gateway to the rest of the world.