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By Isabel dos Santos .

Being an Innovative Entrepreneur

In my opinion, being an entrepreneur today is looking for improvements and making the best use of the knowledge and information that is already available. It is to be deep in analysis and demanding in the outcome. To innovate, in turn, is to want the best solutions that respond to unarticulated needs or problems in the existing market.

I am a businesswoman, I work with venture capital, I started several companies and created several projects. I am an investor and above all, I am an entrepreneur.

“Status Quo” and “Nonconformist” Companies

Companies that live and operate in the “status quo” do everything as usual and make it their business model and successfully. There are other companies and entrepreneurs who see gaps in today’s business world and see the market as incomplete as if something is missing.

Difference between innovation and invention?

Sometimes innovation is confused with invention. But they are not the same thing.

Innovation involves having an idea or identifying a solution that is relevant and being able to turn a product into something that can be successfully marketed. On the other hand, to innovate is to find unexpected connections, come up with ideas, see possibilities and use imagination.

We must be able to see what is not available and be convinced that our vision is valid and necessary so that the world moves forward and we can improve it. We should try to see those points that are lost, ignored and forgotten by others. The attitude of innovation is to be uncomfortable with the way things are today.

Entrepreneurship, driven by innovation, is based on the principle of doing something relevant, unique and valuable.

Basically, being innovative is being unhappy with the solutions that exist in today’s world. Thinking, defining, creating. Go and change the world!