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By Isabel dos Santos .

Companies need female leaders

As a woman and an entrepreneur, I am all for female potential in leadership and management. It is so rewarding to see so many women all over the world growing their careers and achieving their professional goals. But many of them are facing major challenges in their endeavor to attain leadership positions.

It is a fact that the vast majority of company CEOs all over the world are men. Do men have innate leadership qualities that women don’t share? Men and women are different, but no male characteristics constitute inherent leadership or management skills. Women cannot regard these circumstances as an obstacle to their careers as leaders.

We need to identify women’s intrinsic qualities. Even though they are different from men’s, they can be used as a competitive advantage in the professional world. I wonder what traits differentiate them in the competitive business world and flag them as real potential leaders?

Every woman is unique and her main advantage will always be her experience. This comes not only from women’s professional careers but also and mainly from their responsibilities as mothers, daughters, and homemakers. Furthermore, a woman’s world in itself involves countless examples of what it takes to be a leader in business. Women generally share social, communication, innovation and creativity skills, immense problem-solving abilities, good judgment, and team leadership capacities. These are all essential when managing a company.

If women make the very most of their versatility and multitasking abilities, they will be able to take the lead on the corporate stage. Their flexibility and ability to implement and monitor are decisive factors in management and great assets for their employers.

Women make companies develop and grow. They generate value with their female potential and instill good management and leadership practices. Women must not be afraid to make themselves heard and really make a difference.