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Bloomberg Global Business Forum .

By Isabel dos Santos .

Environmental protection is a global priority

More than 200 political and business leaders from around the world attended the 3rd edition of the Bloomberg Global Business Forum on September 25, 2019. New York was once again the center of world debate and this time it was the environment that finally captured the attention of politicians, businessmen, managers, and financial decision-makers.

I attended for the second year the Bloomberg Global Business Forum and it is with hope and happiness that I see this joining of forces to protect our planet. Planet Earth is unique and it is our responsibility to think of solutions to ensure a sustainable future. All our actions have an impact on this future. Every step we take in technology and digitalisation means change for business, cities and our lives. Why not combine technology with environmental protection?

Young people are the force of change

I believe that young people are really educating older generations, they are educating parents and they are making the difference. They are the face of the protests that are taking place in various cities around the world, sharing hopes and fears and their messages are being heard. What kind of world are we going to have tomorrow? That is the question that most worries our young people.

As a citizen of the world, I am alert to the environment. As a businesswoman, I believe that we will find solutions to make business sustainable for the environment. I would like to give the message to everyone that we are never too small, never too far away, and that we never have few resources and alternatives to improve the world.