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Entrepreneurship .

By Isabel dos Santos .

First the seed, then the future

First the seed, then the life, the future. These are the seeds we plant in the communities: we create jobs, provide training, opportunities and long-term prospects. This is the true involvement with our society. Who would have thought a little seed could give so much?

I believe in projects focused on the well-being of communities and that are a transforming force in the local economy. When we started this project in Humpata, province of Huila, the communities firmly seized the opportunity that was given to their land. With great dedication, we have developed an exemplary agricultural project. It was a tremendous transformation in this community because people got employed and now have their own income.

120 women work here because I believe that strong women make strong communities. Creating opportunities and employment for women means betting on the progress of the communities themselves. When they thrive, women invest their income in the family, health, and education. I value this as a sense of duty, commitment and dedication. The impact that women create around them is powerful and transformative.

And from a single agricultural project suddenly opens up a huge window of opportunities for other businesses. New entrepreneurs can invest in complementary businesses and together we can create a value chain that has an impact on the national economy. The development of the country also relies on the provinces and how can we take advantage of the best resources of our land. By developing projects like this all over the country, we would have productive communities who make their voice heard in the country’s economy. We reduce imports and create value outside urban centers. The local economy comes to life and helps the national economy. This is the true transformation of a country, to have the contribution of all. When we bring work to a land with fewer opportunities, we bring hope and future to the whole country.