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Gold Award of Monde Selection .

By Isabel dos Santos .

From Angola to the World

When an Angolan product is internationally recognized for its high-quality, it becomes a historic day for Angola. And so it was when our Luandina was awarded Gold Award of Monde in Rome, Italy.

This is the worldwide recognition that the quality of the Luandina we produce is at the top of international standards. This is the confirmation of something that I’ve always advocated for and passed on to my teams: what we produce in Angola is top world quality. We have to meet the standards our country deserves. At Sodiba we did it.

We have a highly advanced technology factory, Angolan collaborators in whom we have invested the best education, with the products of our land. We have met all the conditions to have a product of unparalleled quality like Luandina. We have Chemical and Biological Engineers who control the whole beer process, in our latest technology laboratory to ensure one mission: guarantee quality and exceed expectations.

To think that everything started with a dream and that today we have a 100% Angolan product being sold in Angola and around the world… From Angola to the World. Our Gold Award, an award for all Angolans.