People .

Young Talent .

By Isabel dos Santos .

"I believe in Angola"

Young people have a voice that must be heard and shared because they will be the leaders of the future. I see a lot of potential in the new generation and I believe they will be able to raise the standards of Angola and the African continent.

The basis for the development of Angola lies in the education of this generation and the ones that follow, so the bet on education will have a very positive impact. It is our duty to motivate young people to proceed their studies and seek knowledge in technical and postgraduate training. It is necessary to create opportunities for young people to empower themselves and be able to contribute. I have no doubt about their skills and their vision.

I share the testimonies of three young Angolans, who face the future with a sense of mission. Their message is inspiring. They believe in Angola, they believe in Africa. And more than that, they believe in their generation.