Talks .

SPIEF 2019 .

By Isabel dos Santos .

Investing in Africa equals the future

During the Africa – Russia panel at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum 2019, I shared my perspective about Africa and called for more Russian investment in our continent. The future of Africa still has many pages to write about. I am passionate about my country and my continent. Every day I work for their development.

It is always gratifying to be able to share our vision and learn from other people’s point of view. Because Africa is exactly that: a maze of different countries. One can’t think of us as a single destination, a single set of issues or a single set of problems. We have to look at the differences, the needs and create the projects that will develop our continent in the long term. These partnerships will lead Africa on the right track, on the road to development, progress and finally stability. We have a continent with unparalleled potential. It’s time to act, for Africa.