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Electric Mobility .

By Isabel dos Santos .

Talent serving innovation

I always find it inspiring to listen to the teams and to get to know their challenges and achievements on the path that we tread together. I share snippets of those conversations with some of the engineers at Efacec who have helped place their company at the centre of the electric mobility revolution.

Thanks to their talent Portugal is the world leader in one of the most innovative sectors – fast and ultra-fast chargers for electrical vehicles – which will give rise to a new way of looking at energy consumption. I never tire of saying that the strength of a project lies in the teams and their dynamics, regardless of their nature or location.

Hugo Queiroz - Contract Management Director | Carla Júlio - Coordinator of the Information and Communication Technologies Development Team | Isabel Lima - Business Coordinator for Central Europe | Susana Guedes - Product Engineering Director | Germano Silva - Product Designer

Carla Júlio

Isabel Lima