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By Isabel dos Santos .

The future farmers of Angola

The development of Angola concerns all the country’s provinces, by knowing how to take advantage of the best resources of our land. Betting on agriculture creates productive communities capable of having a voice in the Angolan economy. This is the true transformation of a country: to count on the contribution of all. When we produce work, we create opportunities, bringing hope and future.

At Unitel we defend this vision: we believe in our national talents, we invest in Angola. Three years ago we dreamed of betting on our country’s agriculture. We did a great recruitment campaign and of the 500 applications presented, we now have six young Angolans doing a postgraduate degree in Agriculture at the Royal Agricultural University in England. They will be the future farmer leaders of this project that is growing in the province of Malanje. These young people are building the future of Angola because they can develop their knowledge of agriculture over there and then implement it in our country.

We started with 15 people and today about 100 jobs were created at our Unicanda Farm in Malanje. These communities in the municipality of Calandula were truly touched as a result of our arrival. We have created jobs, we have given hope to many families, we have built an antenna for communication and we have changed the lives of many young people. All this because we bet on what is national: agriculture, people, natural resources, economy. It is the future of our country that we are talking about. And for that reason we are always investing in Angola.

I am proud to be able to invest in my land and see our projects grow and become real. This sense of mission of our young people towards Angola truly thrills me! It is for them and for their future that we, Unitel, invest in agriculture in our country.