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LBS Africa Business Summit .

By Isabel dos Santos .

Thinking the future

We need to have people that are educated, who now realize that agriculture is a moneymaker, is an opportunity and that we can make money out of it. The tendency for local businesses, once they have a guarantee to off-take, is to grow. If these are good entrepreneurs, active and full of energy, they should be growing their business. And once they start growing their business, I believe that one day they will not only be selling to us but also to other people. And export is the next step.

It’s been very hard for women out there. I don’t see very women at the top. It’s very sad that often I enter board meetings and I’m the only the woman at the board meeting and sometimes I find that rather unacceptable. Can we do more about it? Yes, we can. I think it has to be more policy led: we have to look at our corporations or organizations to see that we need to change practices, we need to have human resource policies at the level of our HR saying you have to evaluate women fairly and not discriminate women because she’s a mother, or she’s expecting a baby.