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Africa .

By Isabel dos Santos .

Three goals for the African continent

As an African woman, my continent and my country are my priorities. Every day I work for a common good: creation of value and development in Africa. I believe that we are the engine of change and that we will make our land a good destiny to live, work and see our children grow up.

In the final stretch of this year, I think about all my wishes for Africa. I know the road is long, but we have to set goals to see our dreams come true. So I share three goals that I believe are essential for the development of our continent.

Goal 1: Meeting basic needs

For me, there are some main goals that arise from the challenges we have in Africa today. First of all we need to find a way to meet everyone’s basic needs. I refer to the Human Rights that we all need in order to live out our full potential in dignity. All citizens in Africa deserve it, from potable water to good medical care, from the right to housing to equal and accessible education for all. And we will need relevant and meaningful work for our children as they grow up.

True wealth is created in long-term plans. But we must not postpone this planning for tomorrow. No. For the future begins today.

Isabel dos Santos Mulheres Africa

Goal 2: Creating opportunities for everyone

Secondly, there is an urgent need to create opportunities for all Africans, regardless of where they live, be they men or women, rich or poor. Everyone must have the same opportunity to realise their potential and contribute to the economy of our continent. This means changes in the way African companies currently attract and recruit talents, but also in the way families set career expectations for their children. On this second point, essentially, as a mother, I believe that we are responsible for the path that our children take, and so we have a duty to inspire them to have confidence in themselves and to let them have imagination. Only then will they grow and find their potential, their talent.

Goal 3: Women empowerment

Still, as a mother, but also as a woman, I believe that we must begin to give girls the emphasis that they truly deserve because one day they will be mothers and will be the source of education for their children. They will form and educate the next generations, our society. We must begin today to change the paradigm, to raise awareness, in order to positively influence our society and open a horizon of hope. Women play an indispensable role in all areas of life and I strongly believe that they will change the world. As true managers, we have a dual responsibility between managing the home and the children, together with managing the professional career. There is a lot of female potential in good management and leadership practices that should be fostered from the very beginning.


True wealth is created in long-term plans. But we must not postpone this planning for tomorrow. No. For the future begins today.