Talks .

Yale .

By Isabel dos Santos .

To grow we need a new economic model

Africa has the highest concentration of young people anywhere on the planet. It is essential to anticipate the expected population growth, but we can face it with hope and take a positive attitude for a positive tomorrow.

As a keynote speaker at Yale University, I argued that in order to grow we need a new economic model. I believe in a new History of Africa, a new narrative written by all of us. And in this new story, others should understand and respect us, because the development gap between countries is no longer sustainable.

We need to think about environmental issues and how to wisely dispose of our natural resources: we need cleaner energy, cleaner water, unpolluted soils. Thanks to technology today it is possible to reduce the gap between the African continent and the rest of the world. Innovation and technology will allow us to grow and bridge the gap among nations.