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By Isabel dos Santos .

Valuing Education, the future of Africa

I like to be close to the students because their energy inspires me a lot and I hope someday to be able to repay them not only with my experience and advice but especially with the job and training opportunities that I am committed to creating. It is in this spirit that I award 10 merit-based scholarships to students at the University of Cape Verde. This is my commitment to my continent.

Today we are facing the largest generation of young people in Africa. This is also the greatest human potential that ever existed on our continent. All of us – entrepreneurs, governments, companies – have a duty to invest in young people and to create opportunities for education, training, and employment. Basically opportunities for a future.

Basic education is indeed fundamental, but we must be more ambitious than that. We must create the conditions for people to have relevant jobs as soon as they leave school and college, giving them the training and skills they need to play an active role in the economy, and higher education plays a very important role in this matter.

I believe in investing on education, in strengthening human resources and giving opportunities to young people without financial resources, but who are smart and talented. Thus, we are valuing and encouraging education as a key to development in Africa. My vision is made up of well-educated young people who will become independent adults who can think for themselves, create their projects and generate value. These people are truly the engine of the growth of their countries and of the continent.

The “Merit-based Scholarships Isabel dos Santos” program will benefit students from the University of Cape Verde with payment in full for tuition fees and a curricular internship at Unitel T + or with partner entities.

The application period for the “Merit-based Scholarships Isabel dos Santos” runs from October 14th to November 8th, at and in order to sign up students will have to attend a graduation course at the University of Cape Verde have an average grade of 16 or above, have an interview, write a motivational letter, deliver a reference letter, and provide proof of family income.

The internships for the scholarship recipients will be at Unitel T+, a mobile telecommunications operator in Cape Verde, or at partner entities, with the possibility of future direct access to other companies and priority in recruitment processes.