Inspiration .


By Isabel dos Santos .

We all share in the success of our women

We live in promising times, in terms of the growing awareness of the role of women in society. From the family to the business world, in politics, entertainment or sciences, the contribution made by women in all walks of life has reached an unparalleled force. And it is this strength that has to be fostered, for the good of a fairer, better balanced and more complete society.

I believe that, within our own spheres of influence, all of us have to be capable of contributing to this change. As a Woman, a Mother and a Businesswoman I feel a deep sense of responsibility and I am fully committed to enhancing the role of women in society.

But, we still have a long way to go. For example, I don’t often come across women in top management positions. I am often the only one in the meeting room. Can we not change this reality? I think we can. We have to take a good hard look at our organisations and implement concrete measures that will shift mindsets.

Managers have a duty to encourage and support women as they build their careers and take on leadership roles. As a manager, I have nurtured the empowerment of women from very early on, ensuring that hiring numbers are balanced, salaries are equal and that career paths are equally open to both genders.

Investing in diverse teams that draw on the talent of both men and women offers another advantage to the business world: productivity. All organisations dream of having highly productive teams, but only true gender diversity can make this a reality. In such teams, challenges are seen differently by men and women. This guarantees that the solutions will be both richer and more complete.