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By Isabel dos Santos .

We want to bring the African star to the world

For us, as an African business, it is very important to be here because we are able to show our products, to also show our brands, to show our industry, our technology, and we can trade with China. We would like to trade with China. We were very very inspired by President Xi Jinping’s idea of opening up the Chinese market also for Africa.

We hope that we will continue for many years. We know there are many visitors. So, here we have a stand, we have a brand, a beer called Luandina, African star. So, Luanda beer, that we are selling here in China is premium.

For us, our expectation is that thanks to China’s vision and thanks to President Xi’s initiative of saying that the world is very big and that the Chinese people would like to see and travel more the world, but also that China is open for the world to come; and we felt that this is a welcoming, a very welcoming way for us, other countries, to come here and to show our products. So we believe that these initiatives “One Belt, One Road” and also the initiative of opening up China to the rest of the world, for us as an African business, as a brand, as a beer brand, as Luandina, is really very important.