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London School of Economics .

By Isabel dos Santos .

What’s the next big thing?

Think and make tomorrow’s Luanda 

The vision for Luanda’s future should start now as a city whose population will double in ten years’ time and reach 13 million inhabitants.
In this matter it is key to listen local communities. Luanda should develop several centers, instead of just one, where we could find schools, homes, work and leisure. That’s how we bring great benefits to the life of all. And these centers should have an interconnection network, mainly roads and railroad.

Embrace of Candando

Candando shows that it is possible to develop modern retail without leaving anyone behind. Here we believe in local producers and we offer them our supermarket shelves to sell their products.
Candando means to embrace. We also embrace young people who seek their first job by providing them with training and retail skills such as supply chain management, logistics, accounting…

People keep asking me: what’s the next big thing?

I believe that Energy is key for the future. There’s a big energy deficit on the continent and we urgently need to find cheaper, better and more reliable sources of energy. If it is expensive then industries and businesses cannot be competitive.