Terms and Conditions of the website

These terms and conditions (“Terms”) constitute a legal agreement between you, the user of the website (“Site”) and the Site Sharing by Isabel dos Santos, that regulates its usage, including all web pages, content, information, photos, text, video and other documentation (“Content”). Your access to this Site depends of accepting these Terms. We kindly ask that you also carefully read the Site’s Privacy Policy. If you don’t agree with these Terms, we ask that you do not access and/or use the Site nor provide us with any kind of personal information.

1. Privacy Policy

Please carefuly read the Site’s Privacy Policy, that describes how we manage all the personal identifiable information about the users. By accessing, browsing and using the Site, you are giving us your consent to gather, use, store and process the information, including identifiable personal information, as described in further detail in our Privacy Policy.

2. Access to a newsletter

You may eventually subscribe a newsletter on the Site. The terms of that subscription and the gathering and processing of the related personal information is described in our Privacy Policy.

3. Copyright

Sharing by Isabel dos Santos is the sole proprietor and author of all materials included in the Site, including text, photos, graphs, logos, buttons, icons, audio, video and software, accordingly to the copyright laws at the National, European and International levels.

4. Authorized transfer

We authorize the copy and distribution of the Site’s Content only for non-profit purposes, specifically for the purpose of research, education and broadcast. It is explicitly forbidden to use any of the Site’s Content for commercial purposes, as well as any change and/or deturpation of said Content. The use of the Site’s Content inside a frame is not authorized. All copies of the Content must explicitly refer the following text: © Sharing by Isabel dos Santos – www.isabeldossantos.com

5. Site availability and access

We provide the right to access the Site at the times that it is available. We do not guarantee that the Site will always be available to be access, namely when there is a need to change, correct of upgrade it or by other reasons outside of our control. We reserve the right to restrict, without prior justification, access to certain or the totality of the Site.

6. Contact

For any question related to the Site, you can contact us using the email: privacy@isabeldossantos.com